Birth Coach

Feel supported from conception to birth.

A birth coach (doula) provides emotional and physical support to coach you through the birth and prenatal stages.

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Postnatal Support

Need a helping hand while you settle in?

From light housework, cooking, to baby care and babysitting while you rest, and especially emotional support.

Ease yourself into motherhood with unconditional support tailored for your individual needs.

Hourly and package rates available.

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Need a Tailored Package?

Give me a call or send me an email.

Nutrition coaching and personal training are available to add onto any package or we can tailor a package to suit your individual needs.

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Do you want to feel supported?

It takes a village to raise a baby..... My way of coaching is to empower you and create a network of support to help ease the transition to motherhood.

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How to Master the Birth Plan

Part 1: Education and The Basics So, you’ve been asked about your birth plan and not sure where to start? Or, perhaps you’ve written a birth plan and it says six words “GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME”!  Whatever your situation a birth plan can be overwhelming to write if you don’t know what choices …

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Becoming Mum

We need to talk to others, share our stories, show the world what motherhood truly is, warts and all, celebrating the individual glory and the messy chaos that often follows. Becoming a parent is a life changing moment, but often the transition is not really discussed.  One of my favourite quotes about motherhood is from …

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Welcome Readers

Hi there! Welcome to the first blog post for The Identity Trainer. If you’re not a subscriber already please sign up so that you can stay up to date with the latest articles. The blog will focus on late pregnancy, birth and postnatal wellbeing to help you on your journey to motherhood. These will be …

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I'd love to provide support and coach you through your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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